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Tomás Heredia


    Tomás Heredia is a senior geologist with a remarkably experience on mine exploration and on the areas of hydrogeology and perforation. He graduated from the Del Sur National University in 1970. He was a Mining Director in the provinces of Jujuy and Río Negro. He worked as consultant in many foreign and local companies. He was the Regional Manager for Sunshine Argentina Inc., acting here as the Project Manager of La Joya del Sol Project (Au-Ag epithermal) in the province of Chubut and also the manager of the Mina Gonzalito Project (Ag- Pb- Zn-Cu sedex) in the province of Río Negro.

He discovered the Cerro Choique epithermal deposit, which was the turning point in the exploration of many auriferous manifestations called: Distrito Los Menucos (Río Negro province). Cerro Choique is a low sulfidation epithermal system located in Río Negro province. As a public official, he represented Río Negro province in the Congress for the Mining Code reformation. He was member of the Federal Mining Council and in the United States he took part in the World Water Conference.

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Guillermo Gimeno

VP Exploration

    Guillermo Gimeno is a senior exploration geologist. He graduated from the Buenos Aires University in 1976. He worked as a field geologist and was the manager of various foreign and local mining companies. He has a remarkably experience on areas of exploration and production of nonmetallic minerals as well as precious and basic metals.

At the beginning of the 90’s, during the great mining development in Argentina, he worked as a consultant by foreign and local companies. As a consultant he played a very important role not only in the Patagonian geological mine prospecting, but also in the economic evaluation of several mining projects.

He worked as Regional Manager with Sunshine Argentina Inc. in which he was the Project Manager for Mina Pirquitas Project (Ag-Sn) in the province of Jujuy and in Mina Huemules Project (Au-Ag epithermal) in the province of Chubut.

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Daniel Hughes

Gerente de Exploración

    Daniel Hughes is a young and successful exploration geologist. He graduated from the National University of the South in 1995. As a field geologist he worked on Patagonia and on the Northwest of Argentine.

He focused his work on the techniques and methods used to search precious metals.

During the last years he has been working for foreign companies like Sunshine Argentina Inc. and Minera Andes S.A. With the last company, he took part in the discovery of the epithermal gold deposits known as Cerro Saavedra and Huevos Verdes (Santa Cruz province).

Nevertheless, his main professional success was the discovery of one of the largest epithermal gold projects in Argentina: Galadriel and La Joya del Sol, located over Cordón de Esquel (Chubut province).

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Mariana Heredia

Legal Representative

    Mariana Heredia graduated from La Plata National University, and credits the title of specialist in tributary right granted by the Austral University and the University of Salamanca (Spain). Her experience also includes an outstanding work in mining right and professional services in tax advising of diverse companies, such as Banco Francés SA and outstanding legal studies of Argentina. Mariana has been manager of the tax & legal department of KPMG Finsterbuch Pickenhain Sibile and learned realtor of the department of tributary technique of Direction of Rents of the province of Buenos Aires, as well as founding partner of the legal firm M&M Della Gaspera lawyers.

Also, her qualification in diverse procedures compatible with her profession and especially the ones related to company audits and due diligence, has allowed her the publication in national and specialized media of articles of her responsibility. Mariana develops in Trendix SA an important work in the legal field and of relation with other mining and investing companies, being at the moment the person in charge of the legal department and empowered of the company.

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