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Commodity: Au - Ag

Lauriente project is located in the topographical sheet at scale 1: 100.000 "Rincón de Treneta". Central Gauss Kruger coordinates are approximate: 3.778.000 E and 5.486.000 N, located 36 kilometres to SE of the town of Sierra Colorada, province of Río Negro, Argentina Republic. The project area is covered by the 3 manifestations of discovery, covering a total of 7,500 hectares.

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Local Geology
In the sector of study outcrops a dacitic volcanic sequence of Triassic rocks belonging to the Los Menucos Complex. It is lava, welded tuffs and volcanic agglomerates that outcrops intermittently due to soil covering. In the Northwest of the project area there is a quaternary basaltic tongue in direct contact with the mentioned dacitic sequence .

Country rock generally corresponds to an andesitic body housing sectors with stockwork quartz, quartz veins with sulphides and silicified structures without sulphides, equivalent to jasperoides.

Alteration and mineralization
Wall rock appears propilitized, determining a certain degree of pyritization. Galena was identified like the main sulfide in the sector and likewise copper carbonates were also found.

The main alteration found in the area is the silicification. This occurs by way of massive silicified structures and veins, some with pyrite. Is in the south property where main silicified structures were recognized, reaching lengths of 950

For their micro-crystalline habitus, the quartz present in these structures is low temperature.

Towards the edges of the affected rocks, there is a slight argillic alteration that disappears to move away from the silicified structure.

Found mineralization consists of quartz veins with fluorite and quartz veins with sulfides. In this last area where obtained 4 anomalous samples in gold, one of them containing 0.6 ppm.

In the central sector of the project, there is an old digging used for the extraction of galena. A vein structure can be seen here with around of 500 meters length.

Samples taken on this structure showed highly anomalous values that in some cases reach values of: Au (640 ppb) - Ag (500 ppm) - Ba (10,000 ppm).