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The project area is located in the central part of the Rio Negro province, (Patagonia, Argentina), approximately 30 Km to the North-West of the town of Los Menucos. This village is situated four hours driving from the city of Neuquén, which has daily commercial flights to the cities of Mendoza and Buenos Aires.

The project area is covered by eleven mining properties, covering a total area of 29,000 hectares. The Central coordinates are 40° 40´14 "S - 68 ° 23´10" W. Trendix Mining is the owner of 100 % of the mineral rights for these properties.

Trendix Mining has identified an extensive mineralized corridor of 30 kilometres long and 5 kilometres wide, where three epithermal systems named Marillan, La Luz, and Ivan have been recognized. Two of them (Marillan and Ivan) have high sulphidation epithermal system characteristics, whereas in the area of La Luz, an extensive system of intermediate sulphidation epithermal was identified. In this last target, Trendix Mining proved the existence of strong anomalies in gold, silver and precious metals associated with quartz vein systems.
• Marillan System: located on the Southwest end; extensive area of advanced argillic alteration (silica-dickite - kaolinite) of 10 km2, related to a high sulphidation epithermal system.
• La Luz System: located in the central part; epithermal system of intermediate sulphidation, located on an area of 30 km2.
• Ivan System: located on the NE end. Extensive zone with argillic alteration (kaolinite - illite) and advanced argillic (residual silica, silica - alunite; dickite - kaolinite ± pyrophilite), located on an area of 7.5 km2 with a high sulphidation epithermal system.