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Los Menucos District

During the Permian and lower Triassic was developed an extensive magmatic activity (the Choiyoi magmatic province) which covered part of the provinces of San Juan, Mendoza, Neuquen, La Pampa and Río Negro. This magmatism is responsible for a major metallogenic event, generating deposits type porphyric, as for example Carrizal (San Juan), San Jorge (Mendoza), La Voluntad (Neuquén), Anchoris (Mendoza); mesothermal (Castaño Viejo - San Juan); and epithermal like La Cabeza (Exeter Resources - Mendoza).

In Los Menucos District (Rio Negro province), was recognized a large hydrothermal activity associated with the Permo - Triassic magmatism. This extensive hydrothermalism produced large zones with advanced argillic alteration, related with intrusions of rhyolitic domes underlying to the Triassic vulcanites. These intrusives were the generators of different epithermal systems found in the district. Besides of the High-sulphidation systems related to the advanced argillic alteration areas ( C° La Mina, Ivan, Marillan, Caltrauna, El Puesto), were recognized some intermediate sulphidation epithermal systems (Toruel, La Luz) and low sulphidation systems (C° Choique, La Brecha, Cuya). Some of these ultimate are of Hot Spring type where siliceous sinter were recognized and other evidence that locate us in the paleo-surface (E.g.: C° Choique - Trendix Mining). Associated with the same type of magmatism, similar systems were found in Macizo del Deseado province (Cº Vanguardia).
The district is characterized by mineralization of fluorite, barite, manganese, base and precious metals. In early 2006 Trendix determined the presence of Indium in the polymetallic system of La Luz, being that the first mention of this metal in Patagonia.

In the last 15 years, and thanks to the increased mining activity, was obtained a greater understanding of the mineral potential of the district. To date approximately 32,000 metres are drilled (diamond drill + reverse circulation), distributed in the following projects: La Luz (Trendix Mining); Cerro La Mina - Cerro Abanico (Iamgold); Dos Lagunas (Iamgold); Tanque Negro (Rio Tinto), Cerro Choique (Trendix Mining); Toruel (Marifil Mines); Cuya (Latin American), El Puesto (Latin American), and Caltrauna (Latin American).
Trendix Mining owns in the district a total of 62,400 hectares distributed in the following projects:

• La Luz- Ivan Trend
• Cerro Choique
• La Brecha
• Lauriente