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While TRENDIX MININGwas originally created as a company oriented at the prospection and exploration of metallic minerals, since November 2012 was decided to advance in the field of industrial rocks. As a business strategy,the Board of TRENDIX MINING decides to trade in non-metallic resources and creating ending 2012 its Division of Industrial Rocks. In that sense, begins to explore resources of non metallic and ornamental rocks and application in industries, with launching the evaluation of two main deposits, both in Río Negro province:

• PERLITE Pichileufu Project


Diatomite or diatomaceous earth or Kieselguhr earths, are sedimentary rocks of biogenic origin, composed by the accumulation of siliceous micro skeletons (frustules) of fossilized diatoms, being these a typology of microscopic unicellular algae.

From the industrial point of view, some intrinsic characteristics of great importance are used: large specific surface (400 m2/gram), high permeability, high absorption capacity, low heat transfer coefficient. etc.

Argentine´s major deposits are located around the town of Ingeniero Jacobacci in the province of Rio Negro. TRENDIX has in the zone, a number of mining properties covering a total area of about 1,500 hectares.

TRENDIX has embarked on a new business taking advantage of the unbeatable characteristics of diatomite for use as "cat litter ". This has formed a mining and Industrial operation , where a modern bottling plant that is located in the city of Bahia Blanca, in southern Buenos Aires Province is highlighted.

With two own brands (CAT WBAY and CAT POINT), TRENDIX has faced a new commercial stage where it has prioritized the integration of our products in the animal health industry , both in the domestic market as well in overseas markets such as Brazil and Europe.