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Commodity: Lithium and Potassium

The Salar Tolillar is located in the region of Puna, Salta Province, near the border with the province of Catamarca and close to the Salar de Hombre Muerto. The distance from Salta city, capital of the province, is about 400 km. The height above sea level is about 3,800 mt.
The mining property covers the entire salar and has 8,800 hectares.

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The Deposit:
The Salar de Hombre Muerto, where the Fenix Project (FMC) is located, is the largest lithium deposit in Argentina brines. The Salar Tolillar is just 13 miles NW of Salar de Hombre Muerto.
So far Trendix has carried out a preliminary exploration campaign, for the sampling of surface brines, being highly anomalous lithium and potassium content up to 244 ppm.
We are currently planning a second phase of exploratory works, including drilling up to 30 meters deep and with the purpose of verifying contents of metals in brines, and undoubtedly present in the aquifers.
There is no history of previous works, but anyway we can perform a theoretical estimation for the possible contents of useful materials. This will take into account data from others “salares” located in the same region, with which we can have an order of magnitude in reference at the resources that could contain our property with which is possible to expect some 21.200 tn expressed as lithium carbonate like theoretical content.

Exploration Targets
The final objective of the exploring task is to establish the potential of brines contained in this basin and ultimately, the economic content of Li and K salts.