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Company History

In the year 2000 TRENDIX SRL begins to operate in Argentina as a company created to explore mining resources and to reach the discovery of metallic deposits and others linked to energy usage.

TRENDIX SRL has been founded by geologists of national and international recognized trajectory. One of its partners was the discoverer of the epithermal vein deposit of Cordón de Esquel (4 Moz gold) in Chubut province, with the discoverer of Natasha mine. Another one of its partners discovered the epithermal low sulfidation deposit (hot spring type) known as Cerro Choique in Río Negro province, which gave place to the consequent exploratory development called Los Menucos District, in Somuncura Massif.

TRENDIX also discovers the second perlite deposit of Argentina with industrial dimensions, located in Pilcaniyeu volcanic belt, about sixty kilometers to the east of San Carlos de Bariloche.
During the period 2004-2008, TRENDIX obtains the concession of a great part of Ñirihuau coal basin that contains the unique “coking coal” deposit of Argentina, through their subsidiary for energy resources DYNLUX SA. At the moment the company carries out exploration works in the area.

During 2006, TRENDIX found Indium in their La Luz Project (Rio Negro province), being this one, the first news of presence of this valuable metal in Patagonia.

Since 2012 the company owns the Tolillar Project, a deposit of lithium and other alkaline salts, located very close at the Hombre Muerto Salar in Salta province.

Since 2013, the company form its Industrial Rock Division and with that purpose has started the production and commercialization of diatomites. TRENDIX hold mineral deposits in Ing. Jacobacci, in Rio Negro Province and treatment and bagging plant located in Bahia Blanca city in Buenos Aires province.