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Our business

TRENDIX MINING is a “junior” company oriented to the detection of areas with great mining potential within the Argentine territory. It stands out by its deep knowledge of the local legal procedures for the consolidation of properties and its great capacity to develop the initial exploration applying geologic, geochemical and geophysical methods that allow to establish the existence of economic resources in the different projects.

The company has focused its activity mainly in Patagonia, where stands out for being the discoverer of the first deposit Intrusion Related Gold Deposit type –IRGD- (Valcheta Project), and first in finding Indium (La Luz Project) in this austral sector of Argentina. Likewise was discovered. One of the partners was the discoverer of the great project know like Cordon de Esquel, a low sulfidation epithermal deposit with until today 4 Moz Au.
Once identified the area with mining potential, TRENDIX has the modality to establish alliances with investing groups or mining operators, by means of exploration contracts with purchase option, joint venture, partial or total sale of the properties, etc. In that sense during the last years we were associatedwith several important companies like Sunshine Mining (EUA); Oro Belle Resources (EUA); Palladon Ventures Ltd. (Canada); Golden Oil Corp (Korea) and more recently with HWE Mining from Australia.

The evolution of TRENDIX allows to infer a progressive positioning in the main Argentine mining provinces. At the moment it counts approximately with 200,000 hectares distributed in the provinces of Rio Negro, Salta, San Juan y La Rioja.