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Trendix Mining

Trendix SRL is a private Argentinean mining company, oriented to the prospecting and exploration of metallic and nonmetallic mineral deposits. The founders of the company have huge experience in the field of investigation, discovery and development of mining prospects. In the year 2000 they decide to join efforts and form Trendix S.A. that during 2013 start to denominate TRENDIX MINING SRL.

The vast experience of the company’s geological team, conducted at the discovery of several precious and base metal projects in diverse provinces of Argentina Republic. Nowadays, Trendix SRL owns approximately 200,000 hectares of mining prospects distributed in the provinces of Río Negro, Salta, San Juan, Catamarca and La Rioja.

Since the end of 2012, the company incorporate its Industrial Rocks Division, starting the exploration and exploitation of perlite and diatomites ore deposits, located in Rio Negro province.

May 2014
Expands exploration in the lithium deposit of Salar Tolillar (Salta province).

Trendix Mining continues the initial exploration in the Salt Lake Tolillar (Salar Tolillar), where grows the expectation for the lithium contained in the company-owned property, located in the region of Puna of Salta province. Starts the transfer of equipment and personnel in order to advance with the hydrogeological and geochemical research that will cover the entirety surface of the saline body.

February 2014
Trendix Mining researches deposits of sands for oil fracturing (fracking).

In tune with the ever growing demands of quartz sand for use in the oil industry and gas, Trendix Mining begins investigations different deposits of these sands in the provinces of Chubut and Rio Negro. The work plan provides a broad survey of the geological formations potentially carriers of sedimentary banks, capable of supplying sands within the required ranges for the productive activity of the oil industry.

December 2013
Exploration of ornamental rocks.

In compliance with the plans of the Industrial Rocks Division, Trendix Mining begins the first tasks of recognition and technological studies of various deposits with industrial and ornamental rocks with economic potential. To do so, are being evaluated significant deposits of marble, organogenic rocks and several intrusive rocks in the provinces of La Pampa, Neuquen and Rio Negro.

November 2013
First shipment to Spain's of cat litter based on diatomite.

From the port of Bahia Blanca, Trendix Mining shipped its first shipment to the port of Valencia (Spain) of cat litter for pets, to the market of that European country. The product has high absorbing power based on diatomite and has been produced and packed within the rules of the European Economic Community and has passed successfully the demanding standards of quality and environmental standards.

August 2013
Trendix Mining begins production of "cat litter"Trendix Mining begins production of "cat litter".

The company's Industrial plant begins production of its trademark WAY CAT and CAT POINT, this latest in a strategic alliance with Grupo Guasch (, prestigious importing and exporting firm, marketer of ornamental rocks and rocks of industrial application. Products and features, are indicated on the page

May 2013
Trendix Mining formalizes the creation of its industrial rocks.

Board of the company, after several market studies and consideration of new productive strategies, decides to start the Division of Industrial Rocks, that focus to the study, development, production and marketing of non-metallic products. Them to consider are firstly Diatomites, across the range of its applications. In this sense, Trendix Mining starts offices, depots and packaging plant in the 4889 of Remedios de Escalada Street, in the city of Bahía Blanca. Trendix Mining owns mining concessions of diatomite in the order of the 1,400 hectares, in the province of Río Negro.

March 2013
Dynlux SA, a subsidiary of Trendix Mining, initiates Social license management.

Complying with the province of Río Negro regulations, Dynlux-concessionary coal deposits of Ñirihuau - prepares through private consultancies diffusion of their next studies and characteristics of the project to develop, in front of the leaders of indigenous communities settled in the vicinity of concessions; likewise contacts with occupants and land owners in the project area will be established. All of this tends to enlighten residents about the tasks to be carried out and consequently establish the relevant Social license agreements.